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Project Spotlight: Continuous Modeling in Operations - Scoring Data Center Performance with ACE

logo-cfs-2x October 01, 2014   2:30 PM – 3:30 PM Room: 207C  CEU: 0.1 Audience: Advanced http://www.criticalfacilitiessummit.com/facilities_education/sessiondetails/Project-Spotlight-Continuous-Modeling-in-Operations-Scoring-Data-Center-Performance-with-ACE–2032 

Business requirements are changing continuously which drives change in the data center. The data center is meant to be a flexible, blank slate…

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Empowering the DataCenter Operator - ACE Performance Assessment

Empowering the #DataCenter Operator - ACE Performance Assessment

Download Here: http://www.futurefacilities.com/media/info.php?id=292

Executive Summary by Dave King and Steve Davies

In this third and final white paper in our ACE series, we demonstrate to the data center operator how they can use the Virtual Facility to make the decisions that affect them:can a planned change be made without adversely affecting uptime or resilience?If it does affect…

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The Calibrated Data Center

The Calibrated #DataCenter


It seems like a day doesn’t go by where I don’t read something about Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC). While nobody seems to have settled on an actual definition of what a true SDDC is supposed to do, the overall concept seems to have everybody excited. While I don’t dispute that SDDC seem to be a logical path for the industry to take, I don’t see many articles quoting any real sales…

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Published on 18th June 2014 by Penny Jones



The divide between facilities and IT teams within the data center created some lively debate this week at DatacenterDynamicsConverged Santa Clara. This time the conversation was around unused capacity, cost and risk. Judging by the thoughts of those working here on the US West Coast, the…

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451 Research Reports on the Importance of Future Facilities’ ACE Metric for Data Centers

@451Research Reports on the Importance of Future Facilities’ #ACE Metric for #DataCenter s

451research  Future_Facilities_Logo

Leading analyst firm explores the impact of Future Facilities’ measurement for the Availability, Capacity, and Efficiency of data center operations

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Future Facilities, a leading provider of data center design and operations management software, today announced the release of a report by 451 Research on the ACE (Availability, Capacity, Efficiency) score and how…

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Datacenter Case Study - Minimizing lost IT loading capacity through the virtual facility approach

Datacenter Case Study – Minimizing lost IT loading capacity through the virtual facility approach

Mission Critical Logo

by Sherman Ikemoto

The initial capital cost of a data center facility runs anywhere from $10 to $30 million per megawatt of IT capacity. Despite these high costs, the average data center strands between 25% to 40% of its IT loading capacity through inefficient data-center equipment layout and management. As such, substantial financial losses are routinely incurred through lost IT loading…

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Continuous Modeling ( #datacenter continuous modeling )

Continuous Modeling ( #datacenter continuous modeling )

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

6sigma_photo_-_10-13 (1)

Continuous modeling is an approach to data center management that supplements infrastructure management (DCIM) tools with engineering simulation tools.

Traditional DCIM management tools provide administrators with a federated view of an organization’s building management system (BMS), IT asset management (IAM) and network management system (NMS). For a data center to…

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ACE: A new approach to scoring datacenter performance

ACE: A new approach to scoring #datacenter performance


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Business requirements that change continuously. This change drives change in the data center. The data center is meant to be a flexible, blank slate upon which IT services are quickly built, dismantled and reconfigured continuously to enable business agility. But how agile is your data center? Can you quantify the cost and risk of changing the data center…

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