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Apr 09

From Compromised to Optimized: ACE Performance Assessment Case Study

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This paper, written for CxOs and senior managers in the data center owner-operator business, describes how Future Facilities’ ACE performance score and predictive modeling were used to save $10 million in one data center. It follows on from Five Reasons your Data Center’s Availability, Capacity and Efficiency are being Compromised and describes how Future…

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Apr 03

Greenpeace Sees Progress Toward 'Green' Datacenters

Apr 02

Five Reasons your Data Center’s Availability, Capacity and Efficiency are being Compromised


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Executive Summary
Data center owner-operators are increasingly looking for solutions to minimize total cost of ownership, cost per kW of IT load, and downtime. This paper explains the five main
contributors to runaway data center costs, then introduces the ACE performance score and the continuous modeling process. Using both, this paper briefly explains how they are helping owner-operators save…

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Mar 28

Continuous Modeling for Design and Operation of Datacenters

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Recorded Webcast: Continuous Modeling for Design and Operation of Data Centers

Power, IT assets, PUE and temperatures are the focus of data center monitoring today. But, Capacity (the ability of the facility to support IT equipment) is being overlooked. At any point in time, 30% or more of data center capacity is unobtainable. The cost of reclaiming this loss increases exponentially as the IT…

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Mar 20

451 Recorded Webcast: Why an energy efficient data center may not be the most profitable

451 Recorded Webcast: Why an energy-efficient data center may not be the most profitable data center


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Many data center facilities focus on improving the infrastructure efficiency, measured by PUE (Power Utilization Effectiveness), but a single minded focus on that metric will often yield perverse results, such as low equipment utilization, stranded…

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Mar 14

AFCOM Symposium – Atlanta 2014: Predictive Modeling For DCIM

Mar 07

Continuous Modeling Case Study - Datacenter Dynamics New York March 11

Future Facilities’ Christian Pastrana to discuss a highly lucrative, continuous modeling in operation case study on March 11

Date and Time: 2:10-2:40 pm  Hall 6 


This presentation will outline a series of steps that enabled the bank’s…

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Mar 04

You Say Tomato… -

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and when you walked away, the first thought that popped into your head was, “what the heck did we just talk about?” I’m sure that if you’re honest with yourself—or have ever been married—the answer is yes. For instance, think about your last argument—I mean misunderstanding—with your wife. While you thought she was upset that your parents were coming for a visit, she was really mad about the fact that you forgot to take out the trash—the whole parents thing will come later. In a sense this is kind of like all the teeth gnashing that surrounds the whole modular data center debate. While the focus is all about elements like definition and the future direction of the data center industry, when we step back at look at the bigger issues related to the marketplace it becomes pretty obvious the mode used […]

Feb 27

The modern data center : integrated design, mass production + experience | #OCPSummit

The modern #datacenter : integrated design, mass production + experience | #OCPSummit

You can watch the entire segment in this video.




During the fifth edition of Open Compute Summit, Jon Koomey (Research Fellow, Stanford University) moderated a Keynote Panel titled “Bringing Integrated Design, Mass Production, and Learning by Doing to the Datacenter Industry” where he invited on stage three illustrious speakers:

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Feb 25

A proactive approach for a reactive system: Predictive modeling for DCIM



Can you manage what you can’t measure? Is monitoring your data center really the same as modeling it? Do you make IT changes, then cross your fingers that they’ll work?

There’s an old adage that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. As data center operators flock to DCIM to gather more and more information about their facilities, there’s a danger that some confuse monitoring as modeling.

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