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@AFCOM Data Center World Las Vegas

We invite you to attend our presentation at this year’s DCW conference in Las Vegas. Make sure you don’t miss April 29th 3:00 – 4:00 pm St. Croix A PIS17. Our very own Sherman Ikemoto and Christian Pastrana will be presenting: “ACE Performance: The Next Generation Data Center Performance Dashboard”. We will also be exhibiting our latest software so stop by and see the team for the Data Center…

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#DataCenter Knowledge - What’s Your Cooling Profile?

#DataCenter Knowledge Survey - What’s Your Cooling Profile? @datacenter @andyfboyd

Data Center Knowledge Your source for daily news and analysis about the data center industry What’s Your Cooling Profile?

Cooling – ever a challenge in any IT environment – has become even more important as the data hall becomes more and more crowded with high-density servers and equipment.

Data Center Knowledge readers are on the front lines of the data center industry and we’d like to gather your thoughts…

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From Compromised to Optimized: ACE Performance Assessment Case Study

FFL04_Header Screenshot 2014-04-09 16.53.44

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This paper, written for CxOs and senior managers in the data center owner-operator business, describes how Future Facilities’ ACE performance score and predictive modeling were used to save $10 million in one data center. It follows on from Five Reasons your Data Center’s Availability, Capacity and Efficiency are being Compromised and describes how Future…

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Five Reasons your Data Center’s Availability, Capacity and Efficiency are being Compromised


Screenshot 2014-03-14 13.04.46

Executive Summary
Data center owner-operators are increasingly looking for solutions to minimize total cost of ownership, cost per kW of IT load, and downtime. This paper explains the five main
contributors to runaway data center costs, then introduces the ACE performance score and the continuous modeling process. Using both, this paper briefly explains how they are helping owner-operators save…

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Continuous Modeling for Design and Operation of Datacenters

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Recorded Webcast: Continuous Modeling for Design and Operation of Data Centers

Power, IT assets, PUE and temperatures are the focus of data center monitoring today. But, Capacity (the ability of the facility to support IT equipment) is being overlooked. At any point in time, 30% or more of data center capacity is unobtainable. The cost of reclaiming this loss increases exponentially as the IT…

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451 Recorded Webcast: Why an energy efficient data center may not be the most profitable

451 Recorded Webcast: Why an energy-efficient data center may not be the most profitable data center


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Screenshot 2014-03-04 11.02.24Screenshot 2014-03-04 11.25.25Screenshot 2014-03-04 11.11.56Screenshot 2014-03-04 11.09.31

Many data center facilities focus on improving the infrastructure efficiency, measured by PUE (Power Utilization Effectiveness), but a single minded focus on that metric will often yield perverse results, such as low equipment utilization, stranded…

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