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Empowering the DataCenter Operator - ACE Performance Assessment

Empowering the #DataCenter Operator - ACE Performance Assessment

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Executive Summary by Dave King and Steve Davies

In this third and final white paper in our ACE series, we demonstrate to the data center operator how they can use the Virtual Facility to make the decisions that affect them:can a planned change be made without adversely affecting uptime or resilience?If it does affect…

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It Looked Good on Paper

I have a single friend who is a devotee of Match.com. To date, she has yet to meet the “man of her dreams” but she has had plenty of applicants. For those of you who met your mates using more old fashioned means—chance encounters, sitting next to each other in class or picking them up in a bar—you may be surprised to find that many prospective online suitors tend to be less than truthful in their profile descriptions. My friend says that based on her experience, she has developed her own translation for the most common descriptions that she runs across. For example, height listings below six feet are aspirational rather than actual, “athletic” means likes to watch sports on TV, “enjoys fine wine” equates to drinks anything that doesn’t come in a box, and don’t even get her started on the accuracy of profile pictures. As my friend has […]

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The Calibrated Data Center

The Calibrated #DataCenter


It seems like a day doesn’t go by where I don’t read something about Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC). While nobody seems to have settled on an actual definition of what a true SDDC is supposed to do, the overall concept seems to have everybody excited. While I don’t dispute that SDDC seem to be a logical path for the industry to take, I don’t see many articles quoting any real sales…

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